Your GPS: how to make it an indoor tool

Lets say you have a day fishing on the water coming up, and you want to make the most of your experience.  Now, you can still go the paper route map, I do because I like to get a big picture of where I will be.  But, if that is your only option, you will still be losing definition.  Meaning the paper map will only show you so much detail. This easy method, will show you what you will be seeing on your GPS while on the water, from the comfort of being indoors.

Here is what you will need to make this work.  A 12 volt battery for starters, and you probably have one if you are into ice fishing.  Commonly known as a flasher battery these 12 volt, seven to 12 amp batteries are perfect for the task.  Next up you will need a power point adapter, female end with gator clips (like the picture) or other type connectors attached.  A power cord, and in this instance, one for my Lowrance HDS-5m chartplotter.  I made a trip to Radio Shack and picked up the male end and wired it into the power cord, complete with my 3 amp fuse.  The whole process in putting this phase together takes less than 15 minutes.  Originally, this was done to make my GPS multifunctional, something that I could not only use with the boat, but also on the quad for ice fishing.

Connect male and female (power point), hook up the battery and power up the GPS.  Now you can survey everything the map will tell you on the water, but in a relaxed atmosphere.  Lets face it, things can get hectic on the water, and it can be difficult to zoom in and out to get the detail you want when your boards are rocking.  Create way-points for points of interest before you even start fishing;  holes, humps, rock points, reefs and shipwrecks.  All things that might hold fish that might otherwise escape you during the “heat of battle.”

Side note:  Extra genuine Lowrance power cords were purchased off of Ebay.  You can also make this work if you have a “jump start” unit equipped with a power point adapter already.


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