Brest Bay, Spinner Rigs were the Ticket on Sunday.

Fishing Brest Bay on Sunday was a tale of feast and famine, then feast again.  After getting a late start waiting for the frost to melt off in the morning,  we left Jeff’s Bait n Tackle about 9:30 and started fishing  about 10 am in 14 fow. The first three bites, with one fish going into the box came on ‘s Paula’s Pride.  This purple blade with chart. green dots, on a copper blade got most of the action.  Taking five of the first 12 fish, before dialing in the program on the rest of the rods.

At first I had set up one side (3 rods) for targeting a bottom bite with 1 oz Bass Pro keel weights and a variety of #6 sized colorado blades, while the other side was rigged  with Silver Streak #8 indiana blades and an old #5 Fishlander willow blade,  behind a 1/4 oz bead chain swivel. After several bites on the “deep” side with the heavier keels after a  slow start, things heated up in the afternoon.  I switched out the 1/4 oz weights for 1 oz and changed up some colors, but kept one of the big indy blades on, because the NASCAR pattern had that deep blue/purple combo going on at the bottom of the blade. Once changing the weights out, the NASCAR/copper blade started getting the boards to pull back.  I haven’t been able to get a pic of the blade yet, but this is what the spoon looks like.  Just darken the colors a bit because it went on a copper blade.  You can see more potential blade patterns on the huge selection of spoons that Wolverine Tackle/Silver Steak has to offer at .

The funny thing is this, the owner of Wolverine Tackle was at Jeff’s when I came in for crawlers in the morning.  Chip even told Eric to charge me double…. 🙂 for my 100 count!

In keeping in what I saw as a blue and purple pattern developing, I switched the rest of the blades out to some more Paula’s Pride blades, along with Maui Waui/silver blade and Paralyzer/copper blade from .  Luckily I do have a picture from last year with these two blades already rigged up.

So what started slow, turned out to be a pretty good day on the water.

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