Lake Erie Crankin’ in November

Big Eye Custom Lures – Deep Husky Jerks

The November trolling season is at hand, and despite the high winds that Sandy blew in last week, its time to go and go now!  This late season, is your last chance to get a wall hanger on Lake Erie before the ice comes.  Crankbaits are the bait of choice for the late trolling season, but don’t get stuck in a rut.

That means expand your arsenal, even though Reef Runners and Rapala Deep Husky Jerks are the most popular baits this time of the year, there are a lot of baits just as effective, and on some days more so. I should actually backtrack just a second, and say that the RR’s and DHJ’s also come in many color patterns, some that aren’t coming from the factory.

Way back in the spring I wrote this artcile about custom crankbait colors, and the expanding field when it comes to effective paint schemes.

Last month I took it to the next step and picked up an additional 50 or so custom DHJ-12’s and RR 800’s from Big Eye Custom Lures.  All but these two patterns, the Glass Fire Perch and Wonderbread are stock Big Eye patterns, and Don knocked my two requests out of the park.


These are the 800’s that I picked up…


Okay, backtrack complete…on to getting some variety into your fall bite and lure selection.  Actually we won’t vary too far from the 12’s and 800’s.  Sometimes size does matter, and sometimes walleye want smaller baits.  Rap DHJ-10’s and RR 600’s can be just as effective at times.

Rapala DHJ-10’s


RR 600’s Deep Little Rippers


One of my favorite all time walleye lure companies is Storm, and for the fall bite, its hard to beat a Thunderstick.  The big Deep Thunderstick and Deep Jr.’s are staples in the tackle storage bags.  Some of my Jr.’s are original Storm baits and they continue to produce.

Deep Thundersticks


Deep Jr. Thundersticks


The Deep Taildancers or TDD-11’s produced really well two years ago.  That season was just incredible and a lot of five to 8 lb fish came back to the boat.  This year I picked up a few new colors to try, and looking forward to getting them in the water.



I almost hesitate to share this next one, I have been threatend for blabbing some of the lakes biggest secrets in the past.  But, for the sake of general fishing knowledge, here goes… the Rapala Deep Diving Shad Rap, in the biggest size available, the #9.


Over the weekend I got caught up on the FLW Walleye Tour, and watched the tourney held in Escanaba, MI on the Bays de Noc. If you are not familiar with the term, the bays are made up of Big and Little Bay de Noc on the southern shores of the Upper Peninsula.  About six minutes into the video a shot of some custom painted DHJ-12’s are shown and in the same section of the show, a fish comes in on a Purple Sunfire factory paint job brings in a small eye.

If big walleyes are what you seek as Thanksgiving draws near, break out the crankbaits.  Give Brest Bay a try this fall, another good spot lies further south, out in front of Luna Pier.  There is a good reason so many anglers stand out there every night on the pier casting from shore, big fish are laying in wait.

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  1. mikey likes it says:

    Mason your the best,sure like to read all your reports. Wish I could get out and fish as much as you.

  2. Mason says:

    You probably know as much as anyone else, its all about the timing and mother nature cooperating, hope the season carries on into the ice season

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