DBFishing.com Walleye Blades: some old faves and a couple of new twists

There are fishing companies, and then there are those who just produce good product locally.  One of my favorite local companies is definitely D&B Fishing located in Algonac, Michigan.  I was just up at the Ultimate Fishing Show in Novi, MI and had a little time before the doors opened to the public to hit their booth to see what was new in their product line-up.

Being a walleye guy, I went right to their spinner blade section and these are the ones I got to get started in gearing up for the 2013 season.


The place was packed so I did not get a chance to talk to Kathy, one of the owners so I will just guess or give you the best description of the blades.  From left to right;  going to call this a junebug pattern (half purple/half antifreeze), bottom a muffin pattern, top center, an antifreeze mixed veggies, and to the far right, my fave blade…..Maui Waui.

I had to reload on my favorite blue blade from D&B, Maui Waui has been one of the most consistent blades in my box over the past four years.  Any type of muffin pattern in a must in your box!  I have to admit, definitely a sucker for anything antifreeze, and when you mix it with purple and orange dots, that bug pattern should work all year-long.  Same goes for the AF mixed veggies, its got all the good colors going for it.

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