Fishing Brest Bay and the DBBC Walleye Tourney


After one fiasco on the water after another this spring, we finally got out and made the last few weeks forgettable.  Fishing the Detroit Beach Boat Club’s tourney, with some good friends, on a beautiful day to be fishing can have that effect. The screen on the graph was literally stacked from the middle of the water column to the bottom.


We picked off 21 walleye through the day as we mostly trolled a Northeast drift from in front of Stoney Pointe and back inside of Brest Bay. Three of the fish were sublegal 15 inchers and were thrown back.  The most productive pass was the first one of the day.  Got the boat lined up in 25 foot of water and finished off in 19 foot, with 8 fishing going in the box.  Through the tackle box at them trying to get a blade pattern down on the spinner blades.  We settled on Big Eye Custom Lure’s Emerald Shiner and as the day progressed racked up a few more fish on Confusion and an Anti-Freeze Mixed Veggies pattern from D&B Fishing.

Three guys in the boat meant we had 9 rods in the water, the old Crestliner must have looked like a porcupine to those driving by with all the St. Croix’s we had up in the air.  Besides the six Church Tackle Walleye Boards off the sides, yesterday was the first true test using the TX-007 Stern Planer boards.  They passed with flying colors, check out the first picture up above and you can see the orange cones in the water. The patterns didn’t matter as to how far back we ran them, but I would say 50 feet behind the boat is a good place to line them up.  All you had to do was set the depth with Daiwa’s, clip on the 007 and let them drift back into position. Of the 18 fish that went into the box, five came off the stern boards, almost the same amount as the side boards took in.

At one point we had doubles and triples going off, must admit after last fall’s great fishing…..I missed it.  We did have our fair share of junk come back to the boat and although the white perch, silver bass and sheephead kept us busy, the walleye were not ready for the plastic worms.  When it gets really thick they will take a 6 inch Northland worm just as well as live bait.  It has to be the competition down below for the food that triggers that type of bite.

Ok to recap, what did I forget to mention.  First off, 1.3 mph was the ticket for triggering our bites and I used 2 oz. keel weights from Bass Pro.  Anywhere from 20 to 35 ft back worked well.  We ended up taking 3 rd place and catching/winning the big sheephead prize.  The Detroit Beach Boat Club members were great hosts, dinner was delish and looking forward to doing it again next year!

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