Walleye Tip #4: Why you run the hot bait!

I have heard argument for and against for years on how many of the same lure to run at the same time. It is true there are some pro’s and con’s in the argument.  This is my philosophy, if you catch more than two fish in succession with the same lure, at the same depth, you would be a nugget to not do what the fish are telling you.  A nugget meaning, in a somewhat less polite term saying you are a fool.

I have no problem with starting out with a fresh week or two off the water, running a full spectrum of colors.  It doesn’t matter if you are running cranks or spinner rigs.  Go ahead and give them a variety to hit on, but if you have two fish, hit the same lure, at the same depth…its game on literally.

If you want a pro-longed day, change them out when you check your boards, but if you want to stay on top of the same troll, make your changes quick. Once you settle in on your pattern, it really is best to hone in on what the fish want, and where they want it. Keep in mind as the day progresses, the depths might change as the sun goes higher in the sky, but more than likely they will feed on the same color pattern.

Big Eye Custom Lures Purple Craw

Big Eye Custom Lures Purple Craw

When we were hammering the big eyes last fall, the pic above tells the story.  Give the fish what they want and purple was rocking.  Besides this 12 lb+ pig, we landed limits of fish at the same depth on this purple lure.  The crank bite holds true with the spinner bite as well.  If I am rocking the blues, pinks or browns at a certain depth the through the season, I will be darn sure to feed the fish and continue to keep the bite rolling through the day.

On Lake Erie, in Michigan waters its true for two people you are allowed six rods in the water with two people in the boat.  In that normal scenario I have no problem running four of the same bait.  The old argument is that you must have a variety for the fish to choose from,  so go ahead and run a couple of different colors out there to keep the variety alive.  The mood of the fish might change-up on you that is true, but do not randomly abandon what has been clicking for you all morning. Hit them while you have dialed in with as many of the same lures as you can, while leaving four of the same four in a spread of six, or six in a spread of nine as you can effectively manage.

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