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Perch Rig Options: a comprehensive look at making your own tackle

Just yesterday I was thinking of making up some perch rigs with spoons and short leaders. Its something I have done before with good results, this morning I went to write about it and I had a comment on an … Continue reading

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Keeping Your Bait on the Hooks

When the walleyes cannot get to your hooks because the silver bass and white perch keeping stripping live crawlers off your hooks, its time to switch up a lil bit and tilt the odds in your favor.  Sure you have read … Continue reading

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Where to Find Walleye Spinner Blades, when tying your own

Its seems today the most popular past post being read about walleye fishing is tying up your own crawler harnesses. I am just going to pop off three quick companies that can be found in your local store, at a fishing … Continue reading

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The Porcupine Set-Up, trolling 9 rods

This past weekend proved three things to me, one the health of Lake Erie’s fishing is outstanding, two the fish are scattered out of Brest Bay, and three,  eight is not enough, might as well go nine rods out. Got … Continue reading

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New Fillet Knife Sharpener

My old fillet knife sharpener finally bit the dust, and I settled on this one from Work Sharp.  It worked out really well and it doesnt take long to get an edge on at all, and changing the belts is … Continue reading

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