Perch Rig Options: a comprehensive look at making your own tackle

Just yesterday I was thinking of making up some perch rigs with spoons and short leaders. Its something I have done before with good results, this morning I went to write about it and I had a comment on an older post, “Please provide the link”.  I found the original post with converting ice fishing spoons to perch rigs and gave the reader the link. Looking back, while locating the original, there have been seven posts that were dedicated to anglers making their own rigs, or gearing up for perch fishing.  This article will have all those links, with a brief description of the content.

Here is the post that was asked about.  Converting ice fishing spoons like Northland Tackle’s Buck-Shot Rattle Spoon, and either rigging them with an ice jig, a leader and a hook and some plastic options.


This article was dedicated to using plastics to catch perch in open water.  Many of the baits are similar to Northland’s and although the links for the article are no longer viable, you can find most of the Little Atom product at Sportsmen’s Direct on their website, or in the store up on Lake St. Clair.  Although live bait is my first choice almost always, these soft plastics have their time and place, and will keep you fishing if you run out of minnows.


This rig is similar to the standard rig, but can be made up quickly on the fly if you need a rig right away.  No lears (metal arms), some line, couple of hooks and some beads.


This is just a quick example of using a single hook rig for putting perch in the cooler.  Its simple, and it works!


This piece is an example of the traditional rig, they are easy to make, and you can get all the parts at Jann’s Netcraft down in Ohio or on their website.


Here is a novel twist on the classic perch/crappie rig, using two sizes of lears to avoid some tangles and give the fish another presentation.


This article brings it altogether, including all components, into one neat way to organize all your gear into a  complete kit.


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