Where to Find Walleye Spinner Blades, when tying your own

Its seems today the most popular past post being read about walleye fishing is tying up your own crawler harnesses. I am just going to pop off three quick companies that can be found in your local store, at a fishing show, or on the web.  A fouth, Silver Streak is also an excellent choice, but unless you go to a show that they are at, you really are at the mercy of the local bait shop.  Usually the sizes are wrong, and the newest colors are not carried, but still an excellent company to buy from.

One blade maker that can be found just about anywhere is Northland Tackle, great source for generic blades that simply catch fish. My fave the last two years has been a silver blade with bright fluorescent pink, believe its called violet in the catalog, but it catches fish with some pink and purple beads rigged on it.  They also make a nice purple, a green and a chartreuse that would pass for most company’s anti-freeze.

Next up is D&B Fishing.com, nice selection of blades, lots of choices and the prices are nice.

For the best selection in the sizes that matter, #4 and #6 blades, then Big Eye Custom Lures is my choice on the web. So far this year Confetti, Paula’s Pride and Emerald Shiner have been working really good.


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