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Northland’s New UV Spoon’s

Northland Tackle is coming out with an update for the vaunted Buck-Shot Rattle Spoon, a new UV paint scheme.  In addition, a “Gliding Spoon” is being introduced this year! Both types of spoon will have the UV finish, and most … Continue reading

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Perch Fishing is Picking Up!

It might not be in high gear yet, but the August/September perch bite on Lake Erie is showing signs of life.  Made it out last Friday and Saturday, and although we did not limit out either day, all but three … Continue reading

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Fishing the Algae Bloom

Some people seem to be afraid of the green stuff floating in the water each year, but like the mayfly hatch,  walleye do not shut down, they just keep eating. The question you have to answer is where are they … Continue reading

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Ice Fishing is Around the Corner….

….and what should you be doing to get ready? Inspecting your rods and reels can be crucial. With your rods, inspect the blanks and look for small nicks, particularly if your rod is graphite/carbon fiber. If you find one, it … Continue reading

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What Makes a Good Perch Rod

One of the recent posts I saw over on one of the forum websites dealt with a question, or the author wanting ideas on what kind of perch rod to buy.  I have done this post before, but it is … Continue reading

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