Bring on the Ice, with Vexilar’s new FLX-28



I just received my first winter order of the upcoming 2014 season, hello Vexilar!  In the thirteen years I have been running Vexilar flashers on the ice (and the boat), I must admit this is the most excited I have every been.  The FL-20 was a huge improvement over my older FL-8’s, the FL-22 HD’s were a sweet step up from the 20, but by leaps and bounds, the FLX-28 is at a whole other level when it comes to flashers.

FLX-28 Video

     Two other first time items for me this year include the Pro-View ice ducer and the Digital Depth read-outs.  The Pro-View  ducer is truly remarkable, you can even call it revolutionary.  You can set your “degree” of vision simply by adjusting your gain on any Vexilar flasher.  It goes from 9′ to over 50′ so you cover your deepest water, as well fishing up close to shore lines!

Pro-View Ducer Video

     The Digital Depth Indicator eliminates any guess work about reading the depth of water you might be in.  It will also allow for you to quickly adjust your depth readings on your unit to get the proper presentation.  It fits on any Vexilar platform; the Genz Blue Box (which I use), the Pro Pack II and the Ultra Pack, and the holes for installation are pre-drilled for you.  The really great thing about the DD Indicator, is that it works with every Vexilar ever made, from the FL-22 HD’s all the way down to the oldest FL-8.

Digital Depth Indicator Video

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