Clam’s New Hammer Chisel


One of the new items this year from Clam, the maker of the Fish Trap shanty line-up, is the Hammer Chisel. This four pound tool now allows anglers to carry a small version of the spud right in their bucket. Yes the spud will do the job, but you can only carry the spud with you while opening up previously drilled holes that have frozen over.  The Hammer Chisel will fit in my Ice Hopper Bucket Rig, complete with Vexilar and extra rods, while allowing me to get through a field of holes much faster.  Speed and mobility are the keys to a successful day on the ice!

The Hammer Chisel features a hammer section and two chisel points.  I can see using the hammer for opening up holes while leapfrogging over a weedbed.  The chisel opposite of the hammer, will be a great tool for surgically busting out tip-ups. The chisel section of the handle, for keeping the edges of your hole free of developing ice.  Easily cleaning them out so your hole does not shrink on those really cold days!


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