Clam’s Onyx Boots


Last year I put on these boots for the first time and loved them, but they were a little tight, so this year I got a pair of 12’s. I have worn some of the other brands over the years, those designed for the really cold weather and hunting, but I wouldn’t go back to them again.  The Onyx Boots from Clam fit two requirements when it comes to ice fishing, the first being weight, and they boots are extremely light!  The second, or more importantly would be the warmth factor. They are extremely warm! I put them through the mill last winter and blown away by how warm they were!

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Born off the Detroit River, raised in Ida and on Lake Erie. Anything fishing holds my interest from Walleye, Pike and Muskie to a 10 year run on the Ice Fishing Circuits around the MidWest.
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