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Ice Fishing Plastics….Yes, Please!

  Twelve years ago when I got heavily invested in the tourney side of ice fishing, if someone had offered me some plastic baits for targeting bluegills and crappie through the ice my answer would have been, “No thanks.” The … Continue reading

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Vexilar’s DD-100

I installed the DD-100 (Digital Depth and Battery readout) on both of my FL-22HD’s last week.  Some of you know that the new unit, the FLX-28 has a digital depth readout built right into the dial/brushless data.  Ice fisherman still … Continue reading

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Catching Lake Trout Through the Ice Click on  the link above to see this Ice Team video where the guys are fishing in Colorado catching lake trout.

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The One Vexilar Accessory that is a Must

  Of all the cool accessories that Vexilar sells for their flasher system, the Neoprene Cover is a must if you have a FL-12, -20, -22HD and the new FLX-28. Back when there was the FL-8 and -18 with its … Continue reading

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Vexilar’s New FLX-28

Can you tell which unit is the FLX-28? How about now? Maybe if you knew what to look for hint wise!   Bet you can tell now, it is the one in the middle, flanked by my FL-22 HD’s! Now … Continue reading

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Vexilar’s New DD-100

Vexilar came out with so many new cool things this year that the DD-100 might be overlooked, but it should not!  For the first time in Vexilar history, they have come out with a flasher that gives anglers a digital … Continue reading

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Scatter Rap’n for Fall Walleyes

Every once in a while I look at a lure, tactic or even a presentation designed for a species other than walleye and the wheels start turning.  Last year it was the Alabama Rig, totally a bass thing by all accounts, but … Continue reading

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Dave’s Kaboom Shiners and More

If you are fan of Deep Jr. Thundersticks in some situations, Dave Storm of Dave’s Lures (Kaboom and Winning Streaks) is selling out his remaining stock @ $2.75 each. I just got mine, wanted them in hand before I said … Continue reading

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