Vexilar’s New DD-100


Vexilar came out with so many new cool things this year that the DD-100 might be overlooked, but it should not!  For the first time in Vexilar history, they have come out with a flasher that gives anglers a digital depth readout built into the flasher, the FLX-28.  For everyone else who has bought a Vex unit in the past, no worries folks, the company as a fix for that too, the DD-100!

The -100 actually performs two tasks, the first of course is the ability to get a digital readout of the depth your are fishing in.  This will work on ANY unit Vexilar has ever made…EVER.  I know, busting out the CAPS…yadda yadda.  Think about it, that development is really huge, any unit ever made, even as old as 30 or more years.  Just the advances in technology make that an achievement unto itself, but to be able to pair it up with a unit older than most ice fisherman, that is something special.

The second task comes in handy if you have any version of the venerable FL-8 or the new FL-18’s and 12’s, a battery gauge/readout. Push the yellow button on the lower third of the DD-100 and it will show you how much power you have left in your battery! If you have the new FLX-28 or the -20 and 22, these units already come with a low battery light that warns you when your juice is running low.

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