Vexilar’s New FLX-28


Can you tell which unit is the FLX-28?


How about now? Maybe if you knew what to look for hint wise!



Bet you can tell now, it is the one in the middle, flanked by my FL-22 HD’s! Now for the close-up.


I love the Genz Blue Box for my flasher’s platform, as I am sure you could tell already! Every time I get a new Vexilar, I order the blue box too!  It is tough enough to take the pounding I give out while hauling my gear around a lake. Love that it has a low center of gravity, this box never tips over and the best part, I can customize it to fit my style! Notice the position of the eye bolt, it is on the side and not in the front of box. I got this idea from the original USL blue box, when the box had two holes in it for being able to choose where to mount it.  In front means you have to reach across the hole to get the transducer out of the ice, when it is on the side, you do not have to reach as far and the whole process is made easy.  Here is a pic of my original FL-8se with the eye bolt mounted on the side. You can tell the boxes have come a LONG way in design since then.110_1030




I know, off track, again! But your first Vexilar is like your first car, you never forget it, and there is a certain sentimental attachment involved. That unit is fourteen years old now, and it is still being used up on Saginaw Bay every year, you just cannot beat a Vex for how well they are made! They are the beast of all units when it comes to fishing on the hardwater!

OK, from old school to new school there is a tie in here, the sun collar is back jack.  Just in a smaller version.  You can see in the picture below that an improvement has been made here, just one of many new features on the -28.  Notice at the bottom of the collar, there is a downspout of sorts.  If you have ever fished with a -8 or FL-18, you already know that snow can get inside the circle, and although the units are never hot to the touch, they do produce heat.  That snow can melt and then freeze while on the ice, now it has a natural place to drain!



Like I said though, that is just one of the features of the FLX-28, one of the best ones in my book are the new (5 total) color pallets available to choose from. You can run it as a straight, traditional 3-color flasher, you can play with some fancy colors, or as I intend to, run it in four-color mode.  Still have your green, yellow and red to indicate the strength of the signal off your target, but now you have a fourth color….white. You know the prey is dead center below your transducer cone and its white hot!

Digital depth readout rocks, the next time your tourney partner says how deep are you, instead of saying about 20 foot, you can say 22 ft with a certainty.  Course you can now add this feature to any unit with the new DD-100 accessory like I did on both my FL-22HD’s. It’s on a Genz box of course, but you can install it on both the Pro Pack II and Ultra Packs too. Take three to five minutes to install, with the right tools of course!



Twenty interference rejection steps on the dial, not the traditional ten, but 20! The best part, for those like myself who would forget how many times they have pushed the button to cancel out units around them, it digitally tells you what step you are on. Brilliant, yet so simple, cannot tell you how many times I have started pushing the control knob, forgot to start counting right away, and had to turn the unit off and on, and start counting over.

Even if you are home, and your buddies want to see how it works, it has a gadget for that.  In DEMO mode, you can show your friends just how easy a flasher is to use.  I cannot count how many times I have heard customers say the flasher is just to hard to use, all the while, in my head, I am screaming how hard can it be.  Seriously, you have three colors ( and now four…woo hoo), and you get your signal back instantly with no delay like an open water boat mounted unit. Anyway, with that rant out of the way, you can show anyone, anywhere, just how easy it is to use a Vex.  Even my six-year-old niece loves to watch it and can not wait to go ice fishing with her Uncle Chuck!

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Born off the Detroit River, raised in Ida and on Lake Erie. Anything fishing holds my interest from Walleye, Pike and Muskie to a 10 year run on the Ice Fishing Circuits around the MidWest.
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  1. Geoff Malicoat says:

    Love the customized blue box that houses my FL-20, especially with the Mason customization ideas.

  2. Mason says:

    thanks Geoff, got some pics for you coming up with the walleye ice tackle

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