Metallic Erie Whistler Hair Jigs

I was waiting until I picked up the right material to complete my series of “Erie” Northland Tackle Whistlers, and the job is complete…finally.

Last week I went to Jann’s Netcraft in Ohio, just down the road off US-23.  Will admit, I had to feed my crank addiction too, but what I wanted was some gold and silver material to match up with jigs. They came out really well, and on the days when the water is relatively clear out on Lake Erie, they should literally shine in the water attracting more fish in.


If you want to fish with a minnow, you can trim the material shorter, but if you want an all around purposed jig, leave the hair a bit longer and the length will mimic a minnow’s body. One thing I noticed, well two things actually, during the tying process that the tinsel will not matt together  when wet, and should create a nice flowing lure in the water.  The second thing I noticed, I looked like a used up Christmas tree at the end of tying up the six jigs, tinsel shavings everywhere. On the floor, on me and even on the pets!

With the gold Whistler Jigs, I tied up the material with a bright orange jig thread. It provided a nice contrast with the gold on the jig as it transitioned into the body section.


With the sliver versions, I went with a pink “throat”.  Again, it’s a nice contrasting color with the silver material. I am sure if I searched long enough or paid a little extra money, I could have found a silver or gold type thread, but am happy with the results of the whole process.


Love the whole Whistler action when it comes to jigging Lake Erie in the spring; the sound, the rate of fall and flash factor, all increase the number of fish going into the box.  The bullet nose gives it a steep angle of fall, and the prop provides the flash and sound on the downfall and while being jigged up off the bottom.  The prop also gives the Whistler a slower rate of fall, giving the prop more time to work and call fish in, in both clear and stained water.

This is the end of series of modifying two of Northland Tackle’s more signature jigs, what I call the Erie Whistler, and those in the previous article, my Erie Thumpers.  Not only are they effective as they proved it last year, but you get the satisfaction of creating something that catches fish, and not just any fish, but big Lake Erie hogs.



Erie Thumpers

Erie Thumpers


Side note:  As always, I suggest using a slip over  Sting’r hook to increase your catch rate. Nothing worse than feeling the weight of the fish as it slides off the jig on one those irritating near miss swipes that Erie walleye are famous for.


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