First Experience with Michigan’s New License Process

Well I will say this, neither hot or cold with getting my 2014 fishing license online. It was fairly simple actually, but my only issue was were where the muskie tags? Not that I plan on getting one, but if I was lucky enough to catch a 50+ inch fish, that option didn’t seem to be available during the online checking out process.

I am still not pleased that I had to spend an extra $10 for an “all” species license since I don’t mess around with trout and salmon at all.  And not HAPPY at all with out-of-state licenses going as high as they did either.  For a state still struggling to get out of the economy that Governor Granholm buried us in, it just does not make sense to me that the way to attract more anglers is to jack their fees another $32, to make a license $72 for out of staters.  That might seem fine and dandy to Lansing, but what about all the anglers who fish Lake Erie???

Does the DNR realize that it will be hurting Michigan fisherman who fish Erie, as well?  It makes sense, as it has happened in the past that it will not be long before Ohio raises their fee also.  Since the Michigan fishable area on Erie is so small, you literally have to have an Ohio license by the beginning of June to be able to stay on the migrating walleye as they move out into deeper water with the warming summer temps!  UGH!!!!!!!!!!

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