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MUST HAVE….more tools in the tackle box, weapons in the arsenal, and fish seeking lures!  With that in mind, I boosted up the attack capability and ready to go Wisconsin on Lake Erie’s walleye population.  Which means, my latest order from Big Eye Custom Lures arrived yesterday via the United States Postal Service!



Was going to leave just this teaser on my facebook page ( ) , but Don Dumas (my custom guy), the owner of Big Eye, insisted that I spill the beans on what was added to the arsenal.  I took my time this year, even went so far as to sort through my other cranks to see what might have been missing in my Rapala Deep Husky Jerk (DHJ-12) selection.  It wasn’t a question of type of lure to get painted, the DHJ’s have pretty much ruled the scene the last couple of years on Lake Erie. I wanted to get two of the most effective color patterns for Erie, so I went with Wonderbreads on the order.  It was really a no brainer actually, a couple of years ago I had gone with a redhead pattern, and it was time to add chartreuse and blue to it as well. Both are highly effective colors in the spring, as well as in the late fall.



Why do I go with Big Eye Customs, several reasons actually.  Don does an amazing job with the painting and the colors take a lot of abuse and never flake or chip off.  Even on the blades I get, I can punish them down low on the bottom of Erie, with all the zebra mussels and the paint holds up better than the rest.  Most companies want them to chip off eventually, so you buy more, not the best game plan to keep loyal people coming back for more. The other reason, the Raps catch big fish.

Purple Craw

Purple Craw

I also picked up some new blades.  Some smaller ones for drifting and casting, reloaded on the #6’s too.  Confetti was a hot blade for me last year and I lost quite a few along the line, so picked up nine more of them. This year Big Eye came out with a new pattern called Blossom, so naturally, got nine of them too!





Now there is only two things left to do, put the cranks in their Plano trays, and get back to snelling the rest of the day!

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