Taking the Jet(s) Down to the Walleye

Are you fishing spoons or crawler harnesses? Doesn’t really matter because there is a diver on the market that works with both.  The Luhr Jensen Jet Diver is in my book the best all around way to get your fave type of bait to where the walleye are in the water column.


Available in my favorite walleye stores, I can get additional colors just about anywhere in Michigan and Northern Ohio;  Jann’s Netcraft, Frank’s Great Outdoors, Cabela’s, Bass Pro Shops and online at FishUSA. I do like the Jets versus the disk type divers, they seem to hold their depth better in current and rough weather. They also come in a multiple of colors, but admit I like the stealth approach with the clear models.

They a version for any type of depth you are running in, but if I had to pick a certain one just to get started with, it would be the Size #30.  At least when it comes to fishing the Western Basin of Lake Erie that is.  Saginaw Bay and down by the deeper spots by the Erie Islands, when the summer months warm the water more, getting down to 40 foot would be crucial, so then it would be worth bumping up in size to the #40 Jet.


To find out what the original type Jets would run as far as depth goes, you would need a copy of either an older Precision Trolling Guide (Trollers Bible) or the last print that they did, called the Big Water edition.  Rumors are flying about the app that is available for both Droid and IPhone having the new version, with multiple slots (holes) for changing the running depths. The IPhone version is being updated, and that is the rumor, because of some additional divers being included.  If you are new to trolling, or never had one of the books before, I suggest getting the lifetime version for $99.  With the Lifetime, you get any new updates for free.  I know basically a $100 bucks for an app seems kind of steep, but if you ever bought the books at $30 to 40 a pop, you would understand that this is really a good savings and route to take when purchasing the information.

Silver Streak's "Skittles Lite"

Silver Streak’s “Skittles Lite”


As I mentioned, you can run either a spoon or spinner rig set up with the Jets.  With my  spoons from Silver Streak/Wolverine Tackle, you can make up enough leads with a snap and good swivel to last you a season in an hour or less time.  I like the Mini’s version which is slightly bigger from Big Papa Sportfishing.com, if walleye will take a #6 Colorado with five inches of crawler behind it, this spoon is not too big!  Your lead should be roughly 3 to five foot, depending on what works for you.  The increased speed at which you troll the spoons gives the walleye less time to inspect your presentation and they strike out of reaction to the action of the spoon.  When it comes to my crawler harnesses, I don’t touch the length of the rig at all, I want that Big Eye Custom Lures spinner as far away from the Jet as possible.  Why the difference in philosophies, because I said so.  Just kidding, it is what I feel works the best for me, and that is something each angler has to determine for his or herself.  There are few absolutes when it comes to walleye fishing, as I have mentioned before there are a few guidelines or call them rules of thumb, but often what someone says can be tinkered with to make it better suited for the individual.

Big Eye Custom Lures "Angelfish"

Big Eye Custom Lures “Angelfish”


If you want to check out more of the products mentioned in this article, click on the links provided in the article or look on Facebook and like their pages for updated information as the seasons’ progress.

Rapala (Luhr Jensen): https://www.facebook.com/RapalaUSA

BigEyeCustomLures.com: https://www.facebook.com/bigeye.customlures?fref=ts

Big Papa Sportfishing: https://www.facebook.com/BigPapaSportfishing

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