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One of the guys asked me this morning about where the fish are and what program am I running this time of the year as the fish go deeper with the rising water temps.  I gave a brief idea where I was going to be starting next time out, and that got me thinking…it is all about getting down to where the fish are.  Which lead me to the trolling weights that I use.


This time of the year I like running 2 oz or more, and because I have the most of this particular brand and type, going to start off discussing the Bass Pro Fish Weights.  For years I have liked these the best, by going with the 2 oz I eliminate a lot of guess-work when it comes to letting out how much line to get the fish.  At 1.3 mph and I see fish at 20 fow, I let out 20 to 25 feet of line from my Daiwa’s.  That way I am right above them, in the middle of the strike zone and just below so I can target a few of the bigger fish hanging on the bottom.


Church Tackle's Walleye Board

Church Tackle’s Walleye Board


When I run the heavier weights, I like my Walleye Boards, from Church Tackle.  This board is really the most versatile planer board on the market.  With its sliding lead keel, you can get this board to run perfectly no matter what you are pulling behind it.  I know some guys who actually will run 4 oz bottom bouncers and the board runs perfectly.

Rednek Outfitters

Rednek Outfitters


These are some 2 and 3 oz Rednek Outfitter keel weights that I had custom painted in a perch pattern.  Their 2 oz seem heavier to me than the Bass Pro weights, and that is ok in my book.  Anything I put down, my Walleye Boards can handle. Honestly, if I can get rid of putting more line behind my boards, the better and less chance of a fish coming off the hooks.  Now, the Rednek weights do come with a belly hook, and honestly with the limited time I have run them, I have yet to catch a walleye off that hook.  Did get some white perch, but not exactly what I was hoping for.




Ok, just got a bright idea, hence the much larger than I wanted light bulb picture…yikes.  Instead of the belly hook on the Rednek’s, thinking a couple of split rings, a swivel and either a #3 or 4 Indiana blade!  Add a little flash to the weight, and then get them to whack the spinner rig!  Who knows, but that is how my brain works sometimes, it is either out of the box thinking or just another crazy idea to get filed away under “Tried and Classic Fail”.  Think this one might work though, on reconsideration though, a #4 indy blade might be too big, would have to look at #2’s and 3’s side by side to determine which would be better.


Anyhoo, as my Uncle Chuck would say….that’s the type of program I run this time of the year when the walleye are down near the bottom in deeper water. Hit ’em hard, and heavier the better!

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