Mister Twister Top Props, only $3 each

Mister Twister Top Props:  Only 3 bucks each!




Recently I took a trip to the cabin in the Upper Peninsula and wanted some more Top Props, my favorite pike and muskie top water bait.  I Googled for days, and then found this website:  www.excessiveoutdoors.com

All my favorite colors that had been closed out years ago, and they were only $3 dollars each.  Being the tackle hoarder that I am, well accused of being anyway, I bought four each….naturally!  Forgot to mention, these are really bass baits, but with a strong 5/0 hook, they handle the big fish just fine.

There are other items on the website also, but although the selection right now is small, there are some pretty good prices on the items they do have, definitely worth checking out!

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