Saturday on Brest Bay

Busted out the Church Tackle TX-22 boards and walleye cranks Saturday morning and headed down to Lake Erie.  Grabbed some supplies at Jeff’s Bait and Tackle, Eric has a good supply of the needed crankbaits to get the job done, picked up some extra Rapala Deep Husky Jerks (DHJ-12’s) and went to the Sterling State Park boat launch. There were quite a few boats, but really could not get a handle on just how many were perching, or chasing walleye.

At the launch one guy was coming back in after fishing solo inside the bay.  Actually, he did say he got out of the bay a bit to get away from the white perch.  He threw the kitchen sink at them, cranks, crawler rigs and spoons without a bite.  The approach made sense, as we noted the water temperature was roughly 54 degrees in and out of the bay.


We set the lines and the boards out when we hit 20 foot of water just inside the point, straight out from the Sterling ditch and made our way at a 1.5 mph clip, swinging Northeast across the point towards the state line and the Fermi buoys.  Basically going with the flow, or the direction the waves were taking us.  Without a trolling motor it is a whole lot easier to control the boat when or if you get a fish on.

Like the gent at the launch, we through the kitchen sink at the fish and a various depths.  This time though it was all about the different types of cranks. Rapala Deep Husky Jerks, DDT-11 Taildancers, Scatter Rap Minnows on 3-way rigs, Storm Deep Thundersticks and a couple of Reef Runner 800’s.


We only caught two fish, and they were the only two hook-ups for the day.  Both were males, but as you can tell in the picture, they have started to pack on the weight.  One was 18 inches (bottom) and the other on top of the pic was 22 inches.  The 18 incher came on a specially painted RR 800 from Big Eye Custom Lures, 44 ft behind the board.  The larger fish came on a DHJ-12, also painted by Don from Big Eye, but this time we ran it 80 foot back. You wont find them on the website, but if you order six or more of a bait, you can get them painted up.  With the Reef Runners, you will need to mail six clear Bare Naked RR’s up to Green Bay to get them custom painted.



Of course, no fishing trip can go unpunished and we had a tangled mess as a result of the 2nd fish. It not only came in heavy, but it was dragging three other lines back with it. Obviously we caught the fish, but had to do some major cutting to get the lines rigged back up and in the water. We never got another fish on our second pass, but the wind was starting to kick up and the whitecaps were rolling so we called it a day.  Managed to get back to the shop and catch the 2nd half of Michigan State’s (Go Green) beat down on Michigan, so it was a good day all in all.


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