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This Thanksgiving, Go Corn Free on your Phone!

A couple of years I located a website with a listing of gas stations in Michigan/the country, that offered ethanol free gasoline.  It was a nice resource to have, not only for your boat’s outboards, or inboards for that matter, but … Continue reading

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Michigan’s Backwater Perch Season

As temperatures drop, ice fisherman across the country are gearing up to get on the ice.  They know some of the best fishing takes place during the first part of the season.  Here on the Southeast side of Michigan’s lower … Continue reading

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Vexilar Flashers and the Transducer of Your Choice

Vexilar has so many great products to choose from, and there is some exciting new news this year when it comes to the camera systems, but for today it is all about the flashers. Since my first days of fishing … Continue reading

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Organizing Your Ice Fishing Walleye Baits

  I had a high number of clicks this morning on this article and thought it would be good to bring it back up for reading. Lots of new readers, lots of fresh perspectives out there.  The interest probably resulted … Continue reading

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Storing your Ice Jigs

One of the keys to ice fishing is to protect your investment, and yes, your equipment is an investment.  Augers, shanties, rods, reels and of course, your jigs.  I started a Facebook page, or I should say “launched”, Fishing Michigan … Continue reading

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Panfish Ice Line: My Choice

This brand or that brand, this color or no color, that can be just two of the many questions an angler might ask themselves when staring at a wall full of line options at a retail store. Perfectly good questions … Continue reading

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An Easy Schooley Reel Modification

I had a question last night about modifying the classic Schooley ice fishing reel, so went back into the archives and pulled this article out.  Its easy, pretty inexpensive and it will make fishing with this classic reel even more … Continue reading

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Bringing Back an Old Trick for Catching Fall Walleye: The Snap Weight

The ol’ tried and true snap weight, sometimes overlooked, but always effective under the right conditions. From 1/2 ounce all the way up to 3 oz, my snap weight box filled with Church Tackle snaps, gets used all season long … Continue reading

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