Protect Your Baits, spend 10 bucks and save $100’s


There are spoons, and then there are spoons when it comes to walleye fishing.  Some companies take their time and paint their lures right, and then there are some that have a reputation of their paint peeling or chipping off.  The same can be said of spinner blades.  Some box stores carry some great looking blades, but they are mass produced, and at times, some corners are cut along the process.  Whether they are saving time or money, you just need to protect your investment.  Some companies like Big Eye Custom Lures, I completely trust the paint jobs, they never chip and the cranks have held up for years!


For 10 bucks you can pick up a 4 oz bottle of CS Seal Coat at most places that sell lure paint supplies.  Is it the best on the market, that’s up for debate in some circles, but for this purpose, it works well. You can put a top coat that will protect hundreds and hundreds spoons and blades.


The nice thing about buying the jar, I can just get a small paint brush at a hobby shop, and quickly coat each spoon. Some color patterns like Confusion and Bumble Bee are classics, and I want to keep them around for a long time.  They take about an hour to dry, so hang them in a safe place.  You want to avoid excess dust or even pets while they are curing.  If it is damp or cold, it might take longer to dry.


Like my spoon box?  Stole it from bass fishing!  This Plano box is actually used to store bass fishing style spinnerbaits.  I like it for a few reasons, one I don’t have a lot of spoons, so a big bulky box didn’t make sense for me.  The second reason is that the dividers will hold 10 or 12 baits. The last reason I really like it is that each divider has a locking arm that comes down and holds in the baits in place.  Doesn’t matter if they bounce around, they never come loose, win/win!

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