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The Best Perch Rods for Lake Erie

The best perch rods are the ones you have the most confidence in, basically meaning what works best for you, is the best perch rod.  For me, I have a couple of St. Croix rods that work the best for … Continue reading

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Who Makes the Best Crawler Harness?

  The question posed today was this, “Who makes the best crawler harness?”.   The answer to the question is an easy one, and many anglers will say the same thing, I do!  Not to say, those many will say … Continue reading

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Drifting for Big Water Walleye

You want to try your hand at catching walleye on the Great Lakes, but your boat might be too small, or its not rigged yet for trolling….no problem!  You have many options available, and they all produce almost, or on … Continue reading

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The Catch Counter, almost Perch Season again!

I saw what was trending today on the blog search type thing, and apparently great minds do think alike because I was just thinking about perch fishing last night, and breaking out my Catch Counter to keep track of all … Continue reading

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