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With the weather like it was five or six years ago, my thoughts are turning to the open water bite for 2016 already.  With that in mind, I am already thinking about pouring jigs and blade baits for the Detroit River, Saginaw River and Lake Erie walleye spring bites.  The best paint for these areas with their unique conditions, without a doubt is powder paint.  Which means for me, its time to make my list and check it twice for reloading on my powder paint supplies from TJ’s Tackle.


Although I can order anytime on line by going to their website (, its nice to be able to see the new products for 2016 in person.  The easiest way for me to do it is by attending the Ultimate Fishing Show this upcoming weekend at the Suburban Marketplace in Novi, MI.  Luckily for me, there are no conflicts this year and I can get up there for the first time in a couple of years.  I just found out that there are three new custom colors being introduced;  Flash Pink, Disco Copper and my personal Lake Erie favorite, John Deere Green!


I actually called the guys up a few years ago and started mixing my own formula to produce JD green, and last year they worked on perfecting their own mix.  Through the work involved, in 2016 it will be available for the public to purchase.  Originally used for hair jigs, it makes a pretty good color when painting blade baits also.


Speaking of the blade baits, although not a bad bait for either river, they get most of their use on Lake Erie.  Nothing beats up these baits worse than the zebra mussels found on the lake bottom.  While most commercially painted lures lose their paint in less than a day, powder painted blade jigs will last a whole lot longer than a single day of fishing!




I have to admit though, my favorite lure on Lake Erie is the hair jig.  It means usually that the water is fairly clear, more often than not the blade baits work best in dirty water due to the vibration calling the fish in. Not only that though, as one of my best friends from our school days called it a “project”.  She is right, it is kind of a craft project, for walleye fisherman that is.  I do get caught up in the many hair combinations, the fun of making each lure, and when it comes to get them wet, the catching aspect of the whole process.  For at least myself, nothing is better than catching a big walleye, than catching it on a lure I made/created myself. Through every step; pouring and painting the jigs, creating the hair combinations, then tying that onto the jig, you too can say, “I made that!”



Although the paint is what brings you onto TJ’s Tackle’s website, there is every thing you need to make the painting process complete.  Well except the curious cat in the top picture, Cali gets in a lot of my pictures somehow.  From the fluid beds to cups, air brush kits, to the jig racks below, its all on the website, and to see for yourself on display (and in use), at every show the guys go to.

It is just one of the reasons that the price of admission is worth paying when going to the Ultimate Fishing Show.  So tonight, at least this guy will be going through his paint supplies, make myself a list of new and old items to reload on,  check it twice, or even thrice, and have it ready when I hit their booth at the show this weekend.

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