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As much as I dread thinking about it, the ice fishing season will not last much longer here in Southeastern Michigan.  On the bright side though that means another season of open water fishing is just around the corner.  Next to having my Jiffy augers to drill the holes and Clam shacks to keep warm, my Vexilar units are the best tools to have on the ice.  But why spend all that money and only use them for only three to five months out of the year?  Its silly not to find a way to use this technology all year long.

Vexilar has had the answer to that question for years with a number of open water accessories that let you use for favorite unit all year long.  In this case I went with the 19′ puck summer kit which includes a gimbal bracket, the transducer, zip tie, a power cord made just for the FL-20+ units and some adhesive for mounting to the boats bottom.  I won’t need the glue though because I am going to use the zip tie and mount the transducer to the electric trolling motor in the bow.


I will be using the RAM mount to position the unit, and I have decided to go with one of my FL-22 HD’s, in the raised floor of my Triton duck boat right next to my GPS.  Not that I will be going really fast with this rig, but if the waves kick up, the -22 has a bottom lock feature that will keep the images from bouncing all over the screen.    With the transducer rigged in the bow like this, I will be able set the boat up for jigging this spring.  With all the snags in the Detroit River, just imagine what a great tool this will be in the spring!

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