Getting an UV Overcoat

Does an UV finish catch you more fish, I honestly don’t know.  When it comes to my ice fishing jigs for bluegill and crappie, I have so many I can’t in all truthfulness keep track of which is which.  I have “people” who will swear that it makes a difference, not just for panfishing through the ice, but also on the big water for walleye.


I have been making jigs for this spring the last week or so, and got into the shop last night to put on my powder coat finishes.  I decided to keep some jigs with regular coats, and then use my powder paint air brush to apply the UV clear coat on some others.


Some like Blue Ice, my “go to” color last fall on the Saginaw River, will not get the UV treatment.  For this finish, I take freshly poured lead, when it is still shiny, and give it a Candy Blue back.  Then I top it off with a clear coat, that I mixed Silver Holographic flake into.  This gives it a more natural belly look than a base coat of Chrome will give you.



What I am going to apply the UV Clear to is some of my brighter jigs.  The top pick is my take on the classic crankbait color, Pink Lemonade.  In the bottom picture, I coated these jigs with a Pearl White finish, then topped them off with Bright Green and Blaze Orange.  Orange and Green, classic walleye colors, and that Lemonade pattern gives me some chartreuse and pink to go with some others I already have painted up.

Won’t be long now and these will be put to the test on Lake Erie, the Detroit and Saginaw Rivers.  Hopefully then will be able to share whether or not the UV clear coat can be a difference maker, or just another trend in walleye fishing.

Note:  All my powder paint supplies come from TJ’s Tackle.  Sure you can get powder paint just about anywhere, but honestly in my opinion, this is your one stop place to shop.  From starting out to making it a production line, the website has everything.  Since I am painting some larger jigs (up to 1 oz), I went with the 3″ fluid bed and cups.  It’s a little easier when you have room to horizontally dip your jig for that “back” coat to give more of a fish appearance like I did with the Blue Ice pattern.

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