The Search for Pure Gas, Non Ethanol Fuel for All Engines

Well it has started early this year, got my first email from an ice fisherman who needs carb parts for their old gas powered ice auger.  Lets face it, as long as they continue to allow and increase the amount of ethanol that goes into our fuels, small engines and marine outboards are going to be paying the price.  Or, more distinctly, you will be paying the price, and the EPA under this administration just doesn’t care what it will cost you as long as it fits into their agenda.


There is an alternative though, and that is for us, the anglers to find places that still sell non-ethanol fuels. As they say, there is an app for that.  Find a station or a marina near you, and save on future repair bills.  The price per gallon may be a dollar more than at the regular gas pumps, but to me its worth the price not to have a breakdown or auger failure while on a trip, or out on the ice!

If you have an I-phone:  Pure Gas

Or, if you have an Android phone:  Pure Gas

Side note:  These engines were designed to run on high octane gas, so make sure the source you find sells 90+ octane fuel.

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