The Best Spinner Blade of the 2016 Walleye Season

The best producing spinner blade the 2016 season is….you have to wait for the background story.


I work with some companies so I have their blades, I see a blade a like, so I get a dozen or so.  Then I have friends who have branched out, and I have some of their blades too.


From size #4 in a Colorado blade, to as big as a #8 Indiana blade, with willows and whiptails in between there is a fair selection to choose from when fishing Lake Erie.  I might choose a blade for its size and color depending on the time of the year or depth of the water, its clarity and the weather conditions up above.  An example would be a whiptail or large Indiana when the water is clear, I like to run these blades up high in the water column, targeting that space just above suspended walleye.


Some blades I get are inspired by spoons, or like this particular blade which was my best producer this year while pulling crawler harnesses, are inspired by color schemes on crankbaits.  The past three springs (I got to test early versions), my favorite Rapala Deep Husky Jerk color pattern was called Lime Attack, it’s a Lake Erie killer in clear water.  Since I like to tinker with things,  I started thinking this would be a great pattern on a Colorado blade when tying up my crawler harnesses.

I got a hold of Don from Big Eye Custom Lures in Green Bay, Wisconsin.  Lime Attack is his pattern, so I inquired about getting a blade painted. I have a bunch of Big Eye blades, and too many DHJ cranks to count, AND  a few things that have been painted to my specs in the past.  I had the general description of what I wanted in my head, but because of past work and the communication built up for the past five years or so, I give Don some creative leeway when it comes to the final product.  This fall I will highlight some of the custom Rapala’s he has done when the late fall trolling bite develops.  But I digress, and most of you just want to see the blade I have been leading up to for the past four or five paragraphs.


Introducing Lime Attack in a Colorado blade.  I wanted that pink and green color to really pop on the front of the blade, so I asked for a white basecoat. That really worked out well, and originally I wanted the blades with just a copper back.  Double D got a little creative, and painted the backs with a pink anti-freeze coat. Its just a slightly different shade of pink because it went right over the metal blank, which gives it a little contrast to the color on the front side. On a good day, with the sunlight reaching through the water, it almost gives the spinning blade a pink glow as it is being pulled along.


My rule of thumb is whichever blade that was hot on the last trip, always gets rigged up on two rods the next time I go out onto Lake Erie.  That way I get four fresh blades rigged up to see what the walleye are in the mood for, while still giving that “hot blade” a chance to perform again.  From late May through July I was running the Lime Attack blades virtually almost non-stop.

Early in the spring, while skirting mudlines, I would run the LA’s on the clean water side of the line.  When the lake warmed up, I ran them up and down the water column.  Then, late in the season while the shiners were hatching and you could see clouds of minnows near the top of the water, I would run them about four foot down, right through the schools of bait.

I have been ribbing Don for two years that he doesn’t work enough, and I would spill the beans about my blade pattern to help increase the workload.  Finally this year, he just said to go ahead, so….today I am calling his bluff!  If you like the blade, get a hold of Don through the Big Eye website’s “contact page“.  While there check out the rest of the stock custom colors while on the website, the paint jobs are incredible, and they hold up forever.  For latest available products or new patterns and fishing reports, go to Facebook and like my “Fishing Michigan” page.  I share everything that Big Eye puts up,  and you might pick up a thing or two that will help you put more fish in the cooler.

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