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Have used them through the ice, and have even used them on the lake in the spring, but until last week up on the Saginaw River, I have never used Rapala’s Jigging Raps in the fall on a river system! We fished upriver one day, and then downriver the next, and Jigging Rapala’s in size #7 caught everything the river had to throw at us.  Walleye, sauger,  and even perch couldn’t resist the movement created by the darting glide baits.


I even broke out the new Flat Rap from Rapala, in a size #4.  While the #7 Jigging Rap weighs in at 5/8ths of an ounce and measures 2.75 inches in length, the Flat Rap packs a tighter punch so to speak.  Its weighs in at 9/16ths of an ounce in a 1.5″ body.  This means, after two days of rain prior to the tournament on Saturday that the smaller body was able to cut the current even better than its big cousin.  Touch is everything when it comes to jigging, and when coupled with my 6’8″ MXF snap jigging rods from St. Croix Rods, as soon as they lures hit bottom they were punched back up the water column, then allowed to do their controlled drop.  Both my Avid and Legend Tournament Walleye Series rods were a dream when coupled up with Fireline and fluorocarbon leaders.

When both baits were over fish, they would hit the baits at the bottom of their fall.  Literally waiting for them and then striking at the bait.  Wish I could tell you one color was better than the other, but the hits came on every color we dropped on them.  Pearl, blue/silver, metallic perch and orange all took some fish throughout the day on Saturday.

Whether fishing the river up in Saginaw or Bay City, or waiting for the ice, the best selection I have seen in the stores was on Sportsmen’s Direct‘s website, located off Lake St. Clair.  John and the crew have all the baits in stock now as they gear up for the ice fishing season.  I loaded up before the trip, and with the catch rate being better than the all the jigs I poured, I wish I got even more.

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