Cabela’s Ice Fishing Classic….

….come see me at Cabela’s all weekend, the ice fishing season will soon be upon us, and the sales kick into gear NOW.


The big sales at Cabela’s started yesterday and run through the 18th of December, and both Saturday and Sunday I will be giving two seminars each day.  First, at 1 pm, I will discuss an “Intro to Ice Fishing”.  This will be geared for those just starting out, and the novice who just might have a year or two of experience under their belts.

The second seminar starts at 2 pm and will be all about “Ice Fishing Electronics”.  Topics will be GPS, flashers and cameras.  The game plan will be to have the seminars upstairs in the conference room behind the cookware, to the left of the deli.  Each seminar will be 30 to 40 minutes in length, do a Q & A and then go downstairs to help folks pick up the essentials down in the ice section of the fishing department.

I cruised through the ice fishing circular and picked out some good deals.


First off, the Cabela’s exclusive Ice Team version of the Yukon X.  Same shack, EXCEPT you get included in the sale’s price, a travel cover ($60 value), light stick ($40 value) and battery bracket ($10 value) for your Vexilar style 12 volt battery for the lights.  I have the Yukon X, and this is a great deal with all the extra’s included and it holds in the heat.  It’s a big deal when cruising the big water in search of walleye!


Love my Vexilar units, what can I say, they have best customer rating in the ice fishing electronics market.  They also have the venerable FL-18 on sale for $399.99.  Loved my FL-8’s, they took me to my first two national championship tournaments, but I suggest the -18 for those starting out, the 6 foot bottom zoom is a must when it comes to panfish to walleye!


Can’t fish though the ice without drilling some holes, and I have been running Jiffy’s 4-stroke, propane augers for five years now.  No more mixing gas, no more worrying about ethanol gumming up the carburetor purrs until she punches out the bottom of the hole.  And they have a deal, buy a Jiffy, and get a Powerhead cover, ice skimmer, minnow scoop, handwarmer with a mail in rebate.  Love my powerhead cover, leave it on throughout the off-season and when roaming the ice too!


I have been fishing for walleye out of Monroe for over 40 yrs., during all the seasons.  When it comes to the winter season, my best, and first lure to get dropped down the hole is a Jigging Rap.


They are sale for 20 % off, that’s like a $1.20 at least off these great walleye baits.  My favorite way is to tip the belly hook with a minnow head.  Little secret, if your minnows are running on the small size, tip all three hooks, big water walleye can’t resist the presentation!


I joined the Ice Team back in 2001 when I was first fishing the Trap Attack tournament series.  That means we were fishing for gills and crappie with tungsten jigs while the backwater guides were still using over sized lead jigs with limited success.  People took notice and today more ice anglers fish tungsten over lead.  All the Clam tackle is 20% off, and not just the tungsten panfish jigs, but spoons and Maki plastics, as well. In fact all the Clam accessories are 20% off!  Tackle storage, ice picks and shelter add-ons!

Not sure what to get, buying Christmas gifts, clothing or going after something species specific? Will be available in the ice section of the fishing dept. on both days, Saturday and Sunday.  Want to learn even more, come attend one of the seminars either day, ask questions and talk ice fishing.

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