Clam’s Spoon Box: Protect Your Spoons…

…. and some of your other jigging baits.


Clam Spoon Box

Clam Spoon Box


Not everyone has two or three hundred jigging spoons and swimbaits dedicated to fishing for walleye through the ice.  Or, perhaps you just don’t have the time to come up with something on your own.  For these thousands of people  across the ice belt, Clam Outdoors has a storage box for you at an affordable price.

Large Clam Spoon Box

Large Clam Spoon Box

The Spoon Box comes in two sizes to fit anyone’s jigging arsenal.  Maybe you want the larger version for your swimbaits to protect the fins, the box will work for that.  If you don’t have as many spoons, perhaps the small box is right for you.  Mix and match the baits in the same box, or get a couple of the large boxes and a leave a little room to grow your collection of walleye catching lures.

And, don’t forget about your perch swimbaits and spoons, works for yellow belly baits too.

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