St. Croix’s Avid Ice Jigging Rods (Review)

St. Croix Avid Ice Rods

St. Croix Avid Ice Rods

A quick review of the jigging rods from St. Croix’s Avid Ice Series.  Not to be confused with the glass rods in the same series, the jigging rods are everything I want in a rod for jigging spoons and swimbaits like a Jigging Rapala for walleye.  In one word, FINALLY a rod manufacturer has introduced an ice rod with the characteristics I love in my open water rods,  in fact the extra fast tip reminds me of my Legend Tournament Walleye Series jigging rods from St. Croix,  with the MXF rating.


Original Avid Ice

There hasn’t been a rod like this since the original Avid ice rods were introduced in the mid-2000’s.  I recently saw someone talking about how they liked the moderate action of a rod for jigging,  in my head I started screaming, “WRONG” right away.  A rod that takes a while to load up serves one purpose in my book, using for live bait where you don’t want to rip the bait out of the fish’s mouth.  You want a XF tip for sticking and hooking while jigging.  The rods load up fast and will drive the hooks of your favorite bait home!


I still have a pair of 32″ Medium Avid ice rods, and a 32″ Heavy from the old production run.  When I placed my order, I wanted to cover the rest of my bases.  So for fishing in a one man shack, I got a pair of 27″ Medium rods.  The shorter length means I wont be tapping the top of the shelter’s roof.  For fishing in a two man shanty or fishing outdoors, since I had the two 32″ M rods already, I went big with a pair of 36″ MH.  The last two rods will be great for fishing for walleye on Lake Erie, the Saginaw Bay and River systems.

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