Rapala’s DT Series for Spring Walleye? Lake Erie?

With the 2017 ice fishing season in flux, I have been thinking towards the walleye jigging season out on Lake Erie.  Last night I broke out the composition book that I write new ideas in for the lake.  Will it work, only time will tell.


One of my bright ideas involved casting cranks, which made me think of my friend from the burbs of Chicago.  Since both our first names start with the letter “C”, she is SC and I am NC.  She and I are both on staff with St. Croix Rods, and every couple of months or so we talk and bounce ideas and methods around.  Now SC fishes a lot of river systems, but there is one tactic involving a specific lure that I thought might apply to early season fishing on Lake Erie.


This lure is in the DT Series from Rapala, or the “Dives To”.  Actually there are two (perhaps three) that I think would be ideal for covering different depths in what most of us consider traditional jigging grounds on the lake.  The first is the DT-14, and the second, the DT-16.  These are deep diving lures, that as the name implies, dive down to a depth of 14 and 16 fow.  There is also a metal series that will go down to 20 feet when casted.

Between Turtle Island and the Toledo Light, where fishing depths range from 10 to 14 feet, the first two baits seem the best suited for casting for walleye.  In the dumping grounds near Luna Pier, the DT-20’s would see the best choice because depths will range from 14 to 20′.  Reel down after casting, feel it tick along, and work the bottom through schools of fish staging to run up the Maumee….what’s not to like about this concept?

Was this my only “bright” idea to try this year, not hardly.  But, that said, it may be one of the more original thoughts of things to try this year, even though technically I am borrowing it from SC, and applying it to a bigger body of water.  Loud, vibrating and getting a chance to break up the “same ol, same ol” routine…could be a winner.

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