Walleye/Ice Fishing Seminar with Fishing Michigan

Tonight I will be heading up to Trenton to give a seminar on catching walleye through the ice at the monthly meeting of the Downriver Walleye Federation, one of the largest groups dedicated to walleye fishing in the Midwest!  The seminar is free to the public and the meeting starts at 7pm so get there early if you plan on attending.  The meeting is located in Trenton, MI, right off West Road, and across the street from Trenton High School.

Here is a link from Google Maps if you need directions:  2700 Westfield Rd


The first 100 people through the door will receive a gift bag from the great companies I am proud to work with;  Rapala, Northland Tackle, Vexilar, Clam/Ice Team, Jiffy Augers and St. Croix Rods!

St. Croix Avid Ice Rods

St. Croix Avid Ice Rods

A lot of the gear I use will be on display for close inspection including the Avid jigging series ice rods that I use.  If you are familiar with the medium extra fast tips on the open water Avids and Legend Tournament Walleye Series rods, you will quickly see that these ice rods could have been labeled with a MXF rating, they load up that quick.  What does that mean to the average angler?  It means you could have the fastest hookset of any ice rod made today!


If you want to ice fish in style and comfort, check out and walk through my Jason Mitchell 5000 Thermal Hub from Clam.  The JM 5000 Thermal is fully insulated, and has an incredible 9 foot beam (open water term) across for handling as many holes as you want to drill.


I will be bringing the big 10 inch too.  When you are big water fishing, and fishing with big baits like a Jigging Rapala, every inch counts.  Instead of losing a big fish on an 8″ hole because your lure got stuck in the bottom of the hole, bring that big eye up with ease.  Propane fueled, the  Jiffy Pro 4 rips through the ice!

Clam Emergency Throw Rope

Clam Emergency Throw Rope

As always, safety first.  Check out the tried and true, and always carry a spud to check the ice.  That said, there are a few new items available to make sure you come home dry!


Although the focus will be on walleye fishing through the ice, after the seminar is over, feel free to ask any questions you might have about putting more gills, crappie and perch in your bucket!

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