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The TX-007: The Rattlin’ Planer Board

  The TX-007 Stern Planer Board from Church Tackle, radicalized the way walleye anglers attack walleye through the water column. Instead of ignoring 1/3 rd of your track through the water, the -007 lets you target the fish that you actually … Continue reading

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The Right Walleye Rod for the Task at Hand: Jigging

I saw a post on Facebook asking what would a good walleye jigging rod, and naturally I thought to myself, I have a St. Croix Rod for that.  Then I started thinking, how can I apply this to other walleye … Continue reading

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Ice Fishing the Fronts: When to go BIG

While everything is still fresh in my mind, let’s get this out there.  Just got back Monday night from fishing a NAIFC ice tournament on Lake St. Helen here in Michigan.  We weight in 8 crappie and eight bluegill, and for what … Continue reading

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St. Croix Rods 2017 Winter Sale

Latest promotion for the spring of 2017;  Buy a rod, and get a free tee…and worry less!   Big discounts on ice fishing and headwear gear over on the St. Croix Rods website. Avid Glass Ice Rods   Avid Jigging Rods … Continue reading

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