The TX-007: The Rattlin’ Planer Board


TX-007 Stern Planer

TX-007 Stern Planer

The TX-007 Stern Planer Board from Church Tackle, radicalized the way walleye anglers attack walleye through the water column. Instead of ignoring 1/3 rd of your track through the water, the -007 lets you target the fish that you actually see on your graph and the depths you see them at.



When you add some noise, you kick it up a notch.  On the -007 Stern Planer, there is a plug in the back of the cone that allows anglers to adjust how the planer rides by adding or subtracting water.  Instead of doing that, pull the plug and add some regular air gun type BB’s, a dozen to 15 will do the trick.  It creates a lot of noise.


When running 75-100 ft behind the boat, I like to run the TX-007’s down in the water column, almost off the bottom.  If I extend my distance between the boat and the planer, I like to target the top of the water column with a high running bait like these willow blades from Big Eye Custom Lures.  This application also works well in the spring with shallow running baits like Husky Jerks from Rapala.

Big Eye Custom Lures Willow Blades

Big Eye Custom Lures Willow Blades

You couple the fish calling noise of the BB’s in the -007, and then run a crank 20 to 3o behind the planer, or a harness with a light 1/4 or 3/8ths oz weight, you have created a highly effective fish catching combination.  The BB rattles in the -007’s call the fish in, while the lure presentation catches them.  How effective is it, when I run the TX-007’s I find that they catch just as much fish as my TX-22 or Walleye Boards do while running off the sides of the boat.

Church Tackle Stingrays

Church Tackle Stingrays

Just one more way to use the innovative products that Church Tackle continues to produce.  Try this application with their new Stingray diving weight, specifically in the #1 size, the far right one in the picture above.  The Stingrays track true and dig in the water column, allowing you to fish deeper with less line behind the planer.  This makes the rattles even more effective.

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