Memorial Day Weekend Walleye

While today we give thanks for those who served and paid the ultimate sacrifice for our nation, I was able to get out on Saturday and hit Brest Bay with my neighbor Cliff.  Beautiful day for fishing, and breaking out the Crestliner to put some fish in the fryer.  With all the tournaments for the most part behind us, it was time to get back to basics and start pulling some meat out on Lake Erie.

Church Tackle

Saturday I continued to pull the TX-22’s with Church Tackle’s #2 Stingray weights with a combination of Big Eye Custom Lures and Northland Tackle #6 Colorado blades.  As I mentioned, we pulled meat, but I came close to breaking out the “fake” baits to rig on the hooks.  These are, in at least my arsenal, a combination of Impulse 6″ worms from Northland, and Zoom Trick Worms.  The Trick Worms are a floating worm, and with my  3 hook rigs, these two presentations are a killer combination when the white bass and white perch are stripping the live worms off the hooks.  They also help with all the short walleye we have been seeing over the past couple of years.  Can you use other types of worms,  of course, but I have found these effective and Zoom offers some serious colors to choose from.

Church Tackle Stingrays

Impulse and Trick Worms

The breakdown for Saturday is this, on the first pass we set up in 24 foot of water just south of Stoney Point and made our drift southeast to northwest.  We picked up two on that pass, not enough to be dedicated back to that path for our second pass.  Next up, we ran out just bit north of our previous location, close to the state line in 27 fow, and made our drift back towards Fermi.  Two more in the box,  still not a hot bite though.  Lastily, we ran out to the line, between Stoney and the Raisin channel.  This time the wind was more out of the east, so our drift was straight in to the west.  Nothing started clicking until we got into 22 fow, and then it was boom, boom…etc.

There was a 45 min  stretch where we didn’t have all six rods in the water at one time.  The fish were hitting the baits while letting the line out, they were hitting as soon as we engage the reels, and they kept hitting while the boards were running straight and true.  We heard people on the radio saying they were having doubles going off.  Which means, they had two fish on at the same time.  Us on the other hand, had doubles going off on each side of the boat…at the same.  It continued like that until we finally put our 12th walleye in the cooler, which by this time, we were well inside Brest Bay.

We also managed to drag in a dozen keeper sized perch, of which we kept 6 good sized eaters in the 8-9 inch range.  Those will be perch po-boy sandwiches at a later date and time.  The walleye, well they went to yesterday’s dinner, my version of surf and turf.  What goes good with fresh walleye, some smoked baby back ribs that were on the grill for 7 hrs and some pasta salad.

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