Lake Erie is en FUEGO/2017

I never thought I would say this, but thank God it is Monday!  That’s how it goes after four straight days of doing nothing but netting walleye and reloading crawlers on the hooks.  While running with fellow team member of Northland Tackle and Church Tackle,  Ken Clark of Fishmas Charters,  you limit our five out of six trips, and on the bad day, you still put seventeen quality fish in the livewell.

Church Tackle TX-12’s

We had anywhere from two to five clients in Ken’s Lund 2175 Pro V boat, translation, that is 22 feet of fishing space.  I have to say we had some great people on board,  retired folks, a few doctor types,  a really nice couple from Columbus and some young men just out there feeling their oats and all wanting to catch what Lake Erie is famous for, walleye!  Based on their reactions, all enjoyed their trips with Ken immensely.

Every one of the fish came on a three-part system that Captain Ken employs;  Church Tackle’s TX-12 planer board, and on the business end of the rig,  a Church Stingray Diving Weight ( pick one of the three available sizes, he runs them all)  and with a Crawler Hauler harness from Northland Tackle with #5 and #6 blades.  We literally landed so many fish that we didn’t have time choose new harnesses, just pick a pack and get it tied on as fast as possible.


Church Tackle Stingray Diving Weights

Locally here in Monroe, Jeff’s Bait and Tackle (just south of Sterling State Park) has a full line up of the Stingrays and TX-12’s on the pegs..  Quick note for you drifters.  Jeff’s also had a full selection of the TX-6 planer boards from Church.  These are great when you have two to three foot waves, and rig your lines with a #1 Stingray and either a Baitfish Floatn’ Spin or  Floatn’ Walleye Crawler Hauler in a #4 sized blade rig.  The Stingrays aren’t just for trolling.

Northland Tackle Crawler Haulers


I knew from the tourney the weekend before where the walleye were, but didn’t expect the quality of the fish to just keeping getting better as the week progressed.  The mayfly hatch is on, and the smaller fish thinned out while bigger fish put on the feedback.  As the day progressed, some days the fish moved down to the bottom third of the water column, while on other days when we had some pretty good waves, they stay suspended and actively biting.

Trip after trip, day after day, this is the type of picture we had at the end back at the docks.  Limits of 12 to 36 walleye went into the livewell, and that one off day, when we ONLY caught 17 nice fish!  Everyone went home happy, and with a bag or three of fish to enjoy later back at home.

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