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With all the perch coming back to the boat on the crawler harnesses lately, it really has me thinking about the perch fishing that will be starting soon out on Lake Erie.  At least for me that is, those that perch fish year round tend to be rather tight-lipped, as if the trollers and drifters would suddenly drop their walleye gear and make the switch over to perching.  Well, they certainly do taste better, so they might not be totally crazy, but in my boat, it would be crazy not to take along my cooler with the Big Mouth Catch Counter mounted on it.

The counter mechanism on the Catch Counter counts every perch as you drop it in the funnel section and down the chute.  You can try to keep track with the little hand counter/clicker, but I can 99.9% guarantee that you have to stop at some point and counter every single fish in your cooler or bucket to make sure you have an accurate count of how many perch you have.  Whether you are allowed 50 perch in Michigan, on Lake Erie, or 30 perch in Ohio waters, one ticket by either DNR will make you wish you had a Big Mouth on your boat.

While you are out on the boat, put a bag of ice in the cooler and through my experience it will last you all day long.  Once you start dropping perch in, they actually insulate the ice while keeping the perch cold.  Have a smaller boat, or maybe you are fishing an inland lake, the Big Mouth will fit on the lid of a five or six gallon bucket as well.  The Big Mouth design also makes it universal for fishing all sorts of panfish like bluegill and crappie.

Catch Counter @ Jeff’s Bait/Tackle



I was in Jeff’s Bait on Saturday getting ice for the last walleye trip we had, and saw a section of shelf full of Big Mouth Catch Counters.  As I mentioned before,  you can mount these to a cooler or if you prefer, a five or six gallon bucket,  it’s just a small DYI project that you can do in your garage.  With pretty much the month of July left to walleye fish, most anglers will be turning their attention to perch fishing on Erie,  and with only eight units on the shelf at Jeff’s they will be selling fast.  Get yours so you don’t have to wait for the store to restock.  The Catch Counters really are one of the must haves on the boat while perch fishing.


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