Clam=Ice Fishing: New products for the 2017/18 Season/Shanties

I got a sneak peek of most of the new product back in August, but its time to go through the whole list on the website and see what “must haves” are out there for the upcoming ice fishing season.  It was a great experience to see the new gear up close in Minnesota before ordering new gear.   Because of that I missed some gear last year, so I will throw in some from last year too.

Kenai Pro Thermal Stealth

In fact I am going to start with the one item I know missed out on last year, the Kenai Pro Thermal Stealth.  I liked my Kenai Pro from the year before, so there were many things I liked about the new version before I saw it.  Perhaps the best part was the tub, or sled section of the shanty itself.  The tub section is more elevated than most shanties, and this is a bonus for many reasons.  You can sit in it comfortably without getting your legs extended out in front of you, or having to haunch over the hole while sight fishing.  When comparing to other single man shanties, there is more than enough room for anglers to set the hook on a fish.  What does the Thermal Stealth version give you?  Total blackout when the windows are closed, this is a sight fishing angler’s dream shack, your hole is lit up and you can see farther down the water column!  The material also heats up on a bright day, eliminating the need for a heater on most days.

Stealth Spearfisher

Hub style shanties offer anglers the most room and fishable space than any other style.  I was blown away by the attributes of the Jason Mitchell 5000 Thermal last year.  The Stealth Spearfisher is the same size so I get that same nine foot across space as the 5000, but I now get that fused layering thermal of the Kenai we already talked about.  When I saw this at Clam’s headquarters in MN, I knew right away what kind of anglers were going to go crazy over it,  anglers who love to spear pike!  Every year since the hubs came out, people have been asking me which one would be the best for spearing, now I have the perfect answer!  Not only that, but you could get a crew 3-5 guys together, sit over a weedbed and everyone be sightfishing.

Hey, did you know its the 20th anniversary of the Ice Team?  More than any other company Clam has revolutionized ice fishing with its innovation through constantly creating better products for us, the anglers who use them.  To celebrate the anniversary, Clam celebrates its Fish Trap heritage by the dressing up two coops that started it all, the Legend (formerly known as the Pro) representing the single seat division, and the iconic Voyager.  I still have my first generation Voyager TCX, and just last year, sold the last of my Pro’s.  Well built products to be sure!

Speaking of the Voyager, which back in the beginning was actually a 3 seat shanty back in the early 2000’s, Clam has brought that option back through the X300 Pro Thermal.  The ultimate big water shanty is BACK with a vengeance.  Everything is included with this shack; runners, cover, hitch and even indoor lighting.  But what I really like that you can enter, or exit through side doors, the back or the front panel in the super thick 1800 denier thermal fabric.  It is a beast, and will be a big hit for not just anglers on the Great Lakes, but those on some of the biggest inland lakes across the ice belt.

As the week, and weeks progress, will be checking out more from Clam and my other sponsors like Vexilar Marine Electronics and Jiffy Ice Augers for example.

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