Perchnado V: the sequel x5

What an incredible perch fishing season we have had on the Michigan side of Lake Erie this season.  Lines at Jeff’s Bait and Tackle (boats/trailers/trucks) are stretching back towards I-75 on the weekends. They are a pretty well oiled machine in there though, and get you in and out pretty quick. If you get out early, the lines aren’t bad at the Sterling State Park launch, but you might kill a half hour on the water while waiting to put the boat back on the trailer.

Michigan 2-Fly Rig

Went back out Friday and Saturday and had a blast out in 27 fow inside the line just Southeast of Stoney Point.  Used nothing but my Michigan 2-Fly Rig and minnows from Jeff’s.  I came up with the name for the rig from going back to my ice fishing heritage when a lot of people in Michigan used a fly dropper above their ice jigs, and it was called the Michigan Rig.  Taking that a step farther, I tied another snell for using the second fly.  One goes on the wire hook (lear) arm, while I attach the second fly to the sinker on the rig.  I prefer an one ounce sinker for keeping contact with the bottom.

Michigan 2-Fly Rig

Friday the action was fast and furious and it only took a couple of hours for the Catch Counter to say it was time to go in.

You see a lot of the counters at the docks in the boats going out, and what a great way to keep track of how many perch you have in the boat.  After each trip, the count was right on the money as I put them in the Tumble Drumms to scale the perch.  Every bait shop in Monroe has them now, including Jeff’s outside the state park.

Everyone on Facebook is asking me where I have been catching the perch.  Still on the same numbers from the original “Perchnado” article.  Just Southeast of the point, and in 27 fow…still.

The water has been great so far, and all sizes of boats are coming out of the woodwork to get in on the action.  Its awesome to see so many families out there and watching the kids having a great time.

Flies for the Michigan 2-Fly Rig

Time to get back to tying those flies.  Jeff’s sold out of the Silver Ice and Glow Pink, early this morning.  Hopefully I will have at least two more colors available for this weekend.  If you don’t seem them right away, ask for them at the counter….or they might be sold out already!

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