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Greasing Your Ice Reels…..

….DON’T DO IT! I had a customer ask me at our local outdoors type store, what was the best grease to use with his spinning ice fishing reels.  I told him none of course.  If your reels are dedicated to … Continue reading

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Extend the Range of Your Vexilar

If there is one thing when it comes to ice fishing that I absolutely cannot fish without, it would be my Vexilar flasher.  After using every single model that Vex offers over the past 16 years and seeing the competition in tournament after tourney, … Continue reading

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Choosing the right Ice Rod for Panfish

Choosing an ice rod for panfish sounds easy, just walk into the fishing department of a store and grab a 24″ ultra light rod with some reel and go fishing. If you really think that, then this is probably the … Continue reading

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The Deluxe Spoon Box from Clam Outdoors

My staff order from Clam Outdoors came  in yesterday to the house from Minnesota.  If you are Facebook, you probably saw me go “Live”  showing the features of the new Stealth Spearfisher hub shelter.  One of the other items I … Continue reading

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Underwater Cameras, not just for ice fishing!

Last month I shared that using my Vexilar sonar/flasher was an integral component in my success while fishing a walleye tourney on the Saginaw River.  Proving yet again, your winter equipment can really be used all year-long to enhance your … Continue reading

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