Extend the Range of Your Vexilar

If there is one thing when it comes to ice fishing that I absolutely cannot fish without, it would be my Vexilar flasher.  After using every single model that Vex offers over the past 16 years and seeing the competition in tournament after tourney, nothing holds up to the quality of Vexilar.  Another reason I love my Vexilars is the ability to adapt my units to several different conditions.  I don’t just mean using my units on the open water either,  the company offers many accessories that will help you improve you catch rate on the ice as well.

One such accessory are the two different lengths available with their transducer extension cables.

They come in either a ten foot cable, or if you prefer it comes in a 20 ft length too.  Add the additional 6 ft transducer cable and you can now use a 16 or 26 foot transducer.  You can actually go up to 60 foot if you add three 20 ft cables together without losing signal strength.

Sounds cool, but you are probably asking what does all this mean when I am fishing?  For me, with the now 16 foot of transducer cable it means I can monitor a hole outside my shanty with one of my Vexilars.  Couple that with a tip-up, deadstick or slammer type setup I can see what is going on in that hole while I am either jigging one or two rods inside my Clam shanty or hub with my other Vexilar for those rods.

Cameras are really nice, but they can be a pain to get setup in the right direction to monitor your lure/bait, and they are water condition dependent on whether they are useful or not.  A flasher doesn’t need clear water to tell you there is a fish interested in your presentation and you need to get ready to quickly react to a bite.

So if you have a Vexilar already, you made the right choice.  If you want to really improve your catch rate on the ice whether you are fishing for walleye or pike (just examples), then think about getting a second unit with an extension to expand your ability to catch more fish.

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