The Deluxe Spoon Box from Clam Outdoors

Large Deluxe Spoon Box

My staff order from Clam Outdoors came  in yesterday to the house from Minnesota.  If you are Facebook, you probably saw me go “Live”  showing the features of the new Stealth Spearfisher hub shelter.  One of the other items I picked up was the Large Deluxe Spoon Box that Clam introduced last year.

The Spoon Boxes come in two sizes, small and large.  With my spoon arsenal for big water walleye, there was no way I was going to be able to fit everything  into the smaller box.  Even with 81 slots in the large box, I had to pick my very best spoons to fill the box.

Why get the spoon box?  Two main reasons that come to mind right away deal with protecting your investment.  Tackle isn’t cheap and you want to fish with these lures for as long as possible.  My first concern would be the paint jobs, when you have them loose in a plastic case, they bounce around which leads to paint being chipped off the lures.  I like loud baits, which means a lot of my spoons have rattles attached to them.  The best way for your rattles to come off is for them to be bouncing around while traveling to your best holes.

The spoons stay secured in their slots, protecting both paint schemes and rattles.  Of course the obvious reason for protecting your gear in the Spoon Box are those nasty tangles that will steal precious minutes of fishing time while you try to get that one spoon you really want to use out of the mess. Also, another reason to purchase the box is for protecting the fins on your swimming/jigging minnows and perfect for sizes that are 2.5 inches or smaller.

If you are looking for that one item to enhance your experience on the ice this season, or wanting to get something for the ice angler in your life for Christmas, I suggest the Spoon Box from Clam.  Just about every retail location you can think of has the boxes in stock right now.

Protect your gear with the Spoon Box!

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