Underwater Cameras, not just for ice fishing!

Last month I shared that using my Vexilar sonar/flasher was an integral component in my success while fishing a walleye tourney on the Saginaw River.  Proving yet again, your winter equipment can really be used all year-long to enhance your fishing experience.  But what if I told you another tool in the tackle box could be used for something more than just fishing?

Vexilar FS 8OO

That’s right, your underwater camera!  Of course you can use it on your boat, or even off of a dock, making it extremely useful all year-long, but that is not what I am talking about.  Across the Ice Belt there is another season happening right now, deer hunting season!

Whether in a tree or on the ground, you can use your underwater camera to your advantage.  Without the camera, you can see everything in front of you, you can even turn your head a little in either direction and see what is to the left or right of you.  It gets a little tricky though when it comes to seeing what is behind you.  This is where the camera plays a pivotal role.

This works really well on the ground in a ground or hub style blind or in a raised structure.  In a tree, you can hang it from a hook, and there is plenty of cable to reach the ground and place the camera there.  On the ground, place the camera on the in front of you, someplace out-of-the-way, but still visible.  Run the camera cable out the door and zip it down, placing the camera in your blind spot.  If you do not have a floor, just run the cable under the blind or over the wood you constructed your hideout with.

Now you are able to see what is coming up behind you without getting a sore neck, or making noise while sitting in a chair.  You can say that inside your blind you have a swivel type chair and don’t need the camera, but I promise at some point that chair will squeak!

You can choose the Vexilar FS 8OO or if you like to see things in color, you can use the FS 2000 or the Fishphone.  The Fishphone allows you to make use of your smartphone and connects to the camera system through its built-in wifi.  If you aren’t too worried what is behind you, but you want to take video of that trophy buck that comes into your blind or stand you can record the action on your phone, or get the DVR accessory and with use of the remote, start your video when the deer come in.  This is a great way to keep your hunt alive over and over again, or perhaps record your young hunter’s first time out in the woods!

Either way, making a video of the hunt or checking out what is making all that noise behind you, your Vexilar underwater system isn’t just for ice fishing anymore!

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