BB Fishing; the Double XL Ice Reel

That iconic ice fishing reel made famous here in Michigan gets a “sizable” upgrade with the introduction of the BB Fishing ice reel. I sat down with owner Bronson Burch from Manitou Beach, Michigan…that’s Devil’s Lake south of Brooklyn where some of the biggest money tourneys have been held anywhere in the country!  I asked all sorts of questions about the product learned what went into starting his own company.  I think my best question was, “What made you produce this reel?”.  His response was classic, “Because I wanted a better reel.”  Doesn’t get any better than that, you want a product driven by anglers wanting a better mousetrap.

If you think this the same old same reel we have been used too, think again.  The reel itself is physically larger than the competition and the arbor is larger than what smaller reels would be with backing on the reel.  Why is it important, because the “gear ratio” is actually faster now and if you use some form of backing, it will only increase the speed in which the line is taken back in by the reel while you fight the fish. Hence the “Speed Reel” moniker being applied to the reel.

In the short time the reel has been available, veterans of the ice fishing circuits have been snatching them up to run them through the only tests that matter, catching fish through the ice.  Not only the pro’s have been using them though, the first production run sold out in a matter of days after being introduced for sale.  They sold out on Ebay and  messages sent on Facebook through the page BB Fishing and the website BB

Here’s the list of advantages that you get from using the reel.  I already mentioned the speed factor, the fish come in that much faster.  Also, you really do not need to use backing which has caused some issues on some smaller reels.  I like the handle!  For one it doesn’t pop off, and most importantly because of the size, it is easier to find when you first hook the fish.  This just allows you to start fighting the fish faster without trying to find it.

If you are interested in the new reel from BB Fishing, this is the weekend for you.  Bronson will be sharing a  booth with Lakeside at the Ultimate Fishing Show in Novi, Michigan with plenty of product for the whole weekend…maybe.  You can also find the reels on Facebook, just type in BB Fishing, or hit the link I highlighted above.  You can also visit the BB Fishing website or email Bronson direct at: … just copy and paste it!

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