How to catch walleye in the Night Time

Even though I am talking about an accessory for Church Tackle’s planer boards that will help you fish for walleye at night,  cannot help but think of the song, “Night Time” by the J. Geils Band.

One of my favorite bands while growing up, it seems like I could paraphrase just about every line in the song and make it about catching walleye in the “Night Time.”

TX-22’s with Lighted Flag Kit

Church Tackle offers a nice accessory for their popular Walleye Boards and TX-22 planer boards to help anglers stay on the water even after the sun goes down, their Lighted Flag Kit.  The kit itself comes in two styles, one for keeping your flag stationary and another one for boards equipped with Church’s Double Action Flag System.  Each kit comes with a left (port) and starboard (right) flag, with each side getting it’s own color.

With a simple turn clockwise on the backside of the flag, you can turn the lights on for getting set up, and when you are done for the night, do the old “Lefty Lucy” to turn the lights off.  I did a search on some of the best websites, and they can be found on FishUSA‘s site.

Since I have been putting this together, the best songs from Geils have been playing in the background on YouTube. With it being the end of the article and guys are chirping in over on Facebook about the Michigan Walleye Tour event on the Detroit River, it seems fitting that, “Detroit Breakdown” is the last song. The late 1970’s and early ’80’s are calling me back to my glory days.

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